Hi Jackie

We are loving this house sit.

Not sure if I said that Fidi has a liver shunt, which is very worrying disease in dogs the vet has said he will last at the most another 12 months.. hopefully they are wrong. We have had a lovely day with him.

We have at last got him to eat regular… so hard as he hardly eats, but is doing so well now.
All Fidi would eat was a spoon of porridge for his owners a day. We have got him on his special dry diet food and a spoon of organic wet food. Along with plenty of carrots which we have found he loves.

I keep getting very attached to these little dogs we are looking after! We took him out today… and I went to get milk in one of the shops and he fretted like mad Paul said until he could see me coming out. I cannot even have a shower.. he has to sit next to it so he can see me.

The picture is of him with his bag that he goes out in and his other bag with his bits in! Diva or what…!

We would love to come back here again… even the getting up at 3am and 5am are all worth it because he is so adorable!