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My first sit

“Had the most relaxing, comfortable, first Minders Keepers housesit in West London. Enjoyed the company of an elderly black Labrador who was very loving and a delightful housekeeper on some days too! If this is how life...

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Thanks Again to Tracey for bringing this to our attention. We don’t want to frighten anyone but being aware is half the battle in dealing with this: Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a nasty parasite on the rise in the...

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Dogs in hot weather

Thanks To Tracey and Paul for the following excellent tips:  Hi Everyone, hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather. I know everyone here are experienced animal sitters but just thought I would put a few things down regarding...

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Sit Inspiration

Hi Jackie I was inspired to write a poem on the recent sit and I thought you might like to read it: Pebble the Parrot Poem The phone rang with a sharp clear tone then answered the call all on its own. “Good morning, how...

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Tales of a house sitter

Thrilled to share this article I have received from one of our wonderful sitters. It is not for the faint hearted! Before reading we must emphasis  all sitters can accept or refuse any sits they are offered and we try always to...

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Rescue Jack Russell

Can we help? Hi Jackie My friend is terminally ill with lung cancer and the thing that is worrying her most is what will happen to her little Jack Russell,  Ken. He is adorable , 6 years old , very affectionate but also quite...

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