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Dogs and cats

Had to share this picture and note from one of our clients. Aren’t they a handsome pair? ‘Attached is (another!!) cute photo of Charlie and Chabal. They were waiting for a piece of steak and Chabal drools so much...

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Another delightful sit:

Good Morning Jackie, We have waived off the J***s’s en route to their holidays. M, their Shih Tzu, has been walked and fed and is settled by the Aga…… It has been a lovely drive this morning and we found our...

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Makes it all worthwhile

Hi Jackie Remember that last minute sit looking after the Labrador that was pregnant ? I stayed in touch with the client and she’s sent me photos The pups have been born, six of them five girls and a boy Things like this...

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Boxers, A breed apart?

Isn’t it odd how so many people find a special affinity to one breed? Something about them just gets under your skin. I am reminded of this particularly today because in the same week we have heard ‘Boxer’ so...

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Unusual visitor

Another unusual how sitting experience: Good Afternoon Jackie, I have an uninvited guest taken a nap in K’s sofa. It looks like a young stoat and is totally at ease with me talking to it. I have asked it to leave and I do...

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My first sit

“Had the most relaxing, comfortable, first Minders Keepers housesit in West London. Enjoyed the company of an elderly black Labrador who was very loving and a delightful housekeeper on some days too! If this is how life...

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