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The majority of our sitters are retired couples or individuals who house-sit almost as a hobby or interest. They are personally selected for their positive attitude, experience with animals and their ability to get on with people, as well as for their personal integrity and trustworthiness. They have to be mature and come from all manner of professional backgrounds from all parts of the U.K.

Having a large number of potential sitters enables us to choose who we think will be the right person for you, bearing in mind the nature of the assignment and your geographical location.

We are most successful when our sitter becomes your friend, someone who becomes an essential part of your holiday planning, and this is achieved by doing those little things over and above your own wishes.

Our sitters are given a set of guidelines to follow to cover things like not having visitors without your permission, the use of the telephone, taking messages, caring for your pets, respecting your confidentiality and informing you of anything significant that may have happened in your absence.

We follow up the beginning of every assignment to check that all is well, and follow up also with our clients to check that they were satisfied with their sitter. All comments and any constructive suggestions are accepted in confidence and we are always looking for new recruits!

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