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Christmas Bookings

At present Minders Keepers still  has some  sitters across the country who are available for Christmas sits 

As we have a far more  limited sitter list over Christmas we would urge you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Beware Hot weather ahead

As everyone is probably aware we are expecting hot weather over the next few days
This is dangerous for humans but for pets too It is wise to keep pets indoors , shades drawn and windows open. Do make sure they have plenty of access to shade if outdoors Do make sure there is plenty of fresh water available.
Dogs shouldn’t be taken on long hot walks and certainly not between 11am and 6pm on hot days.
You can soak towels in cold water and leave in shade as a cooling bed

Nervous about using Minders Keepers?

Maybe you might want to read the following email recently received from a previously nervous new client


We just wanted to leave some feedback (feel free to use it for your website or other purposes).

For anyone considering using a sitter for their pet, we highly recommend using Minders Keepers. We have a lovely young retriever who, because of covid, has never stayed with anyone else, and doesn’t like people coming into our house. We were nervous about leaving him as we weren’t sure how he would be.
Minders Keepers made the process so easy. We had an initial meet with Bill and Brenda and Bill agreed to house sit for us. We received an update half way through our holiday, with photos, of how our pet was doing. Even though he refused to let Bill near him for two days, he eventually gave in and they became pals. Bill was very patient with him and we are so grateful to him and Minders Keepers. We would definitely recommend them and use them again!

Thank you!

Petrol price increase

Since 1999 we have kept our travel expenses to 45p a mile with a maximum charge of £45.00 for any round trip. This has meant sitters travelling further than our usual maximum of 50 miles each way have absorbed any extra costs

Sadly with the recent rise in petrol costs this is no longer reasonable and whilst we will always do our utmost to introduce local sitters if we are obliged to go further we will are now advising out sitters the maximum charge should go up to a maximum charge of £60.00  

Prices will aim to always be below £45.00 but in exceptional circumstances where sitters are travelling further it may go up to £60.00

Thanks for great sit

It has been quite a while since we posted feedback but it continues to flow in:

Just a quick note to say how wonderful N was. Having her here was such peace of mind. The dogs adorned her, the house looks immaculate and she even defrosted the freezer (which I would never have asked her to do). Just a pleasure.

PS – could you provisionally pencil us in to have her again for the last 2 weeks of August next year

And 2. Thank you so much for the house sit you have just done for us. I know it was not the most straightforward with a puppy having tummy trouble (and power cut on top of it!). I was anxious about Bobbin but you put my mind at ease and I know both he and Scrumpy and Newton were in very good hands. Needless to say all is completely back to normal this week.

The house and garden were, as previously, immaculate.

Thanks again

Alex and Maisie

This has been a sad couple of months for Minders Keepers we have just heard that Alex Goodman who was a sitter for us for many years has lost his battle with cancer. We send our condolences to Lynda. I am sure all the clients and their pets who had sits remember both with huge affection. This is a lovely photo of Alex with little Maisie who also sadly passed away very recently.

Following the rise in Dog Thefts

Dog thefts

As avid dog lovers we have been horrified by the rise in recent dog thefts. A north east dog  owner recently took the initiative to create an innovative style of campaign aimed directly at stopping the horrendous rise in dog thefts by testing and promoting strategies to prevent thefts and tackle thieves head on.

The non-profit non-profit organisation now hosts the YELLOW  LANYARD CAMPAIGN, that focussed on using SOUND, VISIBILITY and TEAMWORK to prevent and deter thieves stealing from public places.

Since it’s inception on November 2020, the Website, Facebook Page and Group has seen an exponential rise in traffic from concerned owners.

The website hosts a store in order to fund the campaign, and the owner is having trouble keeping up with orders as the demand is so high. The main sellers are the Campaign Lanyard/Whistle and a Red Dye Attack Spray.

The simplest concept of deterrent is focussed around many people having the YELLOW LANYARD AND WHISTLE worn and visible, and be able to respond as a group to any incident with a raft of tested strategies from the Anti Attack Sprays to dedicated WhatsApp groups.

One primary strategy includes the use of a dedicated sound bite code ( similar to the sos morse code) that can easily be transmitted by whistle or carhorn over a large area, and ahead of thieves. This can allow effective intervention from other “hearers” of the code. The code has a mnemonic of PAWS for Pause -Act – Whistle -StaySafe.

Beyond this primary strategy are a host of other strategies including how to form effective groups, theft prevention methods and equipment, alarms, Government petitions, and lots more.

The campaign has rapidly spread across the UK with most members operating in the Southern counties.

The website is

The Facebook page is @doghorngroup

The Facebook group is @doghornvolunteersgroup

The Facebook Theft Alerts group is @doghornfoghorn

An article that went viral that explains the concept well is here

The campaign founder is Nigel King

Mobile 07545695980


Available day and evening until 9pm

Dogs and fireworks

It’s that time of year again that many dog owners come to dread now that fireworks have arrived in the shops. 

Whilst it might appear to be good news that the large organised firework displays will not be going ahead but the fear many of us share is that many smaller individual domestic displays could occur and might be closer and unexpected.

The RSPCA recommend the following precautions when caring for dogs who are ‘spooked’ : 

  • Walk them during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off
  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks
  • Put on some music or tv to mask the firework sounds
  • Create a quiet space where your dog can feel in control
  • Create some hiding places around your home

Ready for a bath!

Ready for a bath!

We love seeing photos of sitters looking after their little charges.

Caring for elderly dogs

Another lovely message to share

Dear Jackie

We arrived back safely yesterday early evening from Canada. It was wonderful to see Molly, she had been up and down as I had thought but nevertheless pleased to see us and happy. Jenny was extremely thorough and we had a good de brief on Molly. (she had been poorly just before we returned).

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your recommendation it was really spot on – Jenny is very caring and understood Molly well.

We are away later in the year – September and all being well we will contact yourself again to hopefully organise a sit. I want to thank Jenny later for looking after and caring for Molly so well. She really was fantastic!!

Again, I would just like to say a big thank you for helping us to find someone so suitable to sit for our well loved elderly labrador Molly!

With best wishes


Training our pup

Training our pup

At nearly 5 months old we are delighted with how the training of our puppy Nancy is going. She will now sit quietly (if still with trembling anticipation) watching our cat slowly eating, after her meal has disappeared in seconds.

We now walk with a huge bag of ‘high value’ treats and goodness does it alter the attention we receive. In fact we have to encourage her to run by throwing treats..BUT she is so friendly she still wants to run and greet every other dog and person we meet. More to work on………