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We strive to cover every eventuality, but here are a few frequently asked questions:

What if there is a problem?
Our sitters are used to being in other peoples’ homes and looking after them. They are people who are practical by nature and able to cope with most domestic problems as sensibly as you would yourself.

It is always advisable to clarify issues relating to the calling-out of vets, plumbers, etc. beforehand and useful to leave telephone numbers of local tradesmen for use in emergency, as the sitter will effectively take your place in making decisions about repairs etc. The sitters also have recourse to calling H.Q. for 24-hour back-up and advice if required.

What about food and linen?
The sitters pay for their own food, although clients are generally happy for them to use some basic foodstuffs( eg. sauces, condiments etc.). Clients usually provide bed linen and can expect the sitters to strip their bed at the end of the sit, as well as leaving the house as they found it.

Will the sitter look after my aging mum/dad?
Whilst this company does not offer nursing or other care services, it is not unusual someone other than the sitter to be living in the house at the same time. Provided that any such person is fit and capable of caring for themself, making their own meals etc. we will do all we can to structure the assignment accordingly.

What about insurance?
We are fully insured with Accidental Damage, Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance.

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