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Because we are “people like you”, we try to put ourselves in your place when it comes to the selection of suitable sitters for our clients, matching specific needs with appropriate experience and backing them up with 24-hour support. During our initial telephone discussion with you, we will note the dates of the assignment and any specific needs you might have, for example whether you have domestic animals, livestock, houseplant watering or garden maintenance tasks etc.

We are then able to select a sitter for you and arrange for a familiarisation visit to be made to you by the sitter so that you (and your pets!) are able to satisfy yourself with our choice and run through the requirements of the assignment, from where to walk the dogs to how often to water the plants, mow the lawn and any other minor duties you may wish to have carried out in your absence. The duties should not be onerous and the sitter should otherwise be free to come and go as you do.

We ask that you settle the sitter’s travel expenses for this visit, so we try to minimise these by sending someone from your area. If for any reason you should reject our choice of sitter, we are usually able to offer an alternative without any fuss or embarrassment..

It should be stressed that problems of this kind are rare, our sitters are meticulously selected for their character, temperament and integrity.

We will send you, by way of confirmation a booking form for completion and return together with a deposit which will be deducted from your final invoice. The booking form will detail all your stated dos and don’ts, and In due course a copy of this will be passed to the selected sitter.

Once your booking is confirmed, you may prepare for your departure happy in the knowledge that your property and animals will be in safe hands.

On the day of your departure, the sitter will arrive at the time of your choice (arrangements can be made for this to be on the previous evening if you have an early start) and will take up ordinary residence until you return.

Arrangements can be made to cover any eventuality such as a delayed flight or other hold-up, giving you complete peace of mind until you are able to sign off the assignment.

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