Hi Jackie,

Just to let you know that today there was a large fire on one of the fields of the farm here. The strong winds were blowing ash and thick smoke right towards the farm’s small hamlet of houses, including R’s and the owner of the farm. I alerted him and proceded to soak everything around the house and garden with the hose in case any sparks made it accross. I also alerted R’s dad, not wanting to worry R and his family.

He told me that the firebrigade had already closed the road leading to the farm and that they were informed about me and the dog. This was reassuring as there is a large dry hay-stack store close to the houses here and it happened to be right in between the fire and us. Thankfully the fire was put out successfully after about an hour or so. I think I got away lightly with a touch of sun stroke and a slightly sunburnt back. In the excitement I forgot to put protection on.

Best wishes,