Do you ever wonder what happens to clients of yours, when it all goes quiet?

I was thinking the other day of a few. Remember D S, from Leicester? He had a fabulous Staffy, who wanted to play football all day long. I did love that dog. Not heard from him for over 2 years.

Then you got me a sit in Hampstead Heath. That was a wow. We still keep in touch once a year by email. C L They had a place in Italy, but sadly health issues terminated their trips, and they are unable to go away.  The dog was gorgeous , the cat was a Norwegian forest brute, that used to think my feet were game to be attacked !

You sent me to a home in Burton  on Trent, in my very early days. I’m talking 2001 ish. We still send Christmas cards to this day !!!!! 

And also, Mr & Mrs T, my first ever sit. We still keep in touch occasionally. Mostly because of their computers- that was my field.

I met their gardener when I was there. I recognised the guy. Deep joy. He used to play professional football for Derby County. That is my football team. We spent hours chatting about football! That was 2000. He played under Brian Clough. Probably means nothing to you.

To this day Jackie, I meet up with “Hoppy” and his wife every 3 months!!!!  What a gentleman! He has been to our garden parties etc.

I could go on for hours about where my house sitting has taken me.

Maybe write a book. That along with my musical escapades?

Life is wonderful Jackie, and you have helped made it so with all the connections along our way.

Minders Keepers Answer: Sometimes people need a ‘one off sit’ sometimes the family who usually step in are joining them on the holiday, often family events such as a wedding can create an unusual need, sometimes a regular neighbour with a pet swap agreement is unwell.

The vast majority of clients join us and go on to use us time and time again and recommend us to friends, neighbours and family. There are little communities all over the country where we have numerous clients all from recommendation!

We found it particularly interesting last year where we had about twenty previous clients come back to us. In every case it turned out that their pets had died and their need had ceased but as life is so much better with a pet they had succumbed and sitters got to meet the new additions