I honestly believe the sitters who get most out of sitting are the ones who put most into it and go out ready for new experiences but this takes

it to a new level

Hi Jackie. Hope your Monday will be a good one.

Just a quickie to let you know I’m away from today until May 29th in the USA on one of our mega trips. So if you need an answer to a sit question, I may be a little delayed in getting back to you. I will have Email every night in hotels etc, but 6 hours behind the UK.

The last sit in Papplewick went very well, apart from one night that scared the hell out of us. The young Simese cat is always in before dusk. But not this particular night. We thought something had happened to it , and on our watch too.
It wandered in at 01:22 AM. We had sat up all night waiting for it. What a relief !!!!!!!!!!!!

An aside. L is involved with two local Churches. She had told me last year , they struggle to get organists. So muppet here, offered my services whilst I was there this time.

I arrived at the Church on the first Sunday morning. Talk about amazing!!!!!! I have driven past it a 1000 times, but it can’t be seen from the road. It’s a 500 yard walk down a track. And there it is in all its splendour . A massive Anglican Church with huge bell tower !!! Dating back to the 12th Century. St James Papplewick, do have a look.

350 years old Yew tree outside. And the inside is amazing !! Used by the workers of Newstead Abbey so I’m told . Has a beautiful balcony upstairs, unusual for an Anglican Church.

The organ was hard to play, as it was a Willis one manual, no swell.

You will not be surprised I got the job for the following week Palm Sunday !!!!

And , “can you help out any time in the future?????” they asked.

See what you got me into Jackie.

I love it !

Kind regards