Hi Jackie

I thought you might like to read the email I received :

Hi, John,


Everywhere we have been today we’ve found evidence of your care of O Farm and its animal, vegetable and mechanical  requirements: thank you so much for looking after everything so beautifully. We enjoyed our holiday twice as much because of knowing you were here and would respond to any emergency just as we would. My little Fiesta, which has seldom if ever felt the power of a hose, hardly knows itself in its gleaming new incarnation, and at church this morning we felt quite proud of the shiny Kuga. I hope Fiery Lane dries up before the cars revert to their  usual condition. It was wonderfully kind of you to drive us to Kemble at the start of our travels and, more welcome still, to meet us at Bristol airport. I am sorry I am so inept at using my mobile phone, and still can’t understand why I couldn’t make it work when we emerged from the terminal. If you hadn’t devined what must have happened and come to meet us, we might have been standing there for hours.


It was also particularly kind of you to pick and freeze all those strawberries, which I find an important resource to fall back on during the winter months. Duff works so hard getting the bed weeded and strawed that he was quite downcast to think most of the crop would go to waste, and is now delighted that it has been preserved. In the same way I am very pleased that Merlin looks no worse,thanks to you giving him his regular doses of insulin. He is going downhill, poor chap, but with luck and care may see the year out.


Beastly wet weather again this afternoon, but Duff got most of the upper lawn mown before the downpour made cutting impossible, and Priscilla’s garden will just have to wait. Thank you for stripping the spare room bed and making everything easy for me in the laundry line. Looking out at the dripping trees,  Croatia begins to seem like a lovely dream, but it is one we enjoyed very much.


With many thanks again,