Hi Jackie

I was inspired to write a poem on the recent sit and I thought you might like to read it:

Pebble the Parrot Poem

The phone rang with a sharp clear tone
then answered the call all on its own.
“Good morning, how are you?” it said with a squawk,
“Very well, thank you, now hear how I talk,
thank you, thank you, Pebble, good boy,
that seed tray of food, it fills me with joy!”

Then from nowhere the whistling commenced
and unseen dogs barked; they were very intense.

A feathery remark for every event,
although not too clear what exactly was meant.
“What a thing to do!” a favourite phrase,
would make everyone think were there right and wrong ways
to open the door and take dogs for a walk,
and that certainly started with a very loud squawk!

Now the cats both preferred to be cool, calm and stable
until dinner was served, when they leapt on the table.

Master Pebble, a character large;
there’s no mistaking that he is in charge!