We have just started using PitPat a clever little accessory which essentially we use to check that our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback Nancy is getting the correct amount of exercise. She has been starting to bulk up a little and we wondered whether that is natural filling out with her age or whether she might be putting on more weight than she should (she isn’t!)

We originally saw this on the TV programme Dragon’s Den and were intrigued. The device fits onto a dog’s collar and then links to a simple ap which we now check daily.

It could be quite interesting for some of our clients to check that their dogs get enough exercise, especially as most sitters will be walking dogs on leads and thus limiting some of the free running. Indeed Nancy has just finished being in season and it is far more difficult to walk her without exciting all the male dogs in the vicinity over the long three weeks so it has been very useful to check that our garden play has been sufficient.

Minders Keepers is run from an office in the family home so our dog is rarely on her own for too long, (she often joins me in the office) but it also helps to know that she doesn’t go mad with anxiety when she is left alone.

We would be very interested to know of other useful pet aids to pass on ?