One of our clients is a talented musician and an avid Greyhound lover, I attach her letter and encourage downloads:hero-front-cover

Dear all


It’s that time again! Christmas is looming and I have put together a short slide show video to go with the song ‘This Year’. I am planning to donate profits to Birmingham Greyhound Protection in light of their rescue of the two beautiful black greyhounds from the China meat markets (as well as the many they rescue within the UK every year).


The song is only 99p on iTunes and Amazon Downloads so I need to sell lots to make it a worthy donation in 2017.


Here is the video and the links to iTunes and Amazon sites:


iTunes =


Amazon =


The world is changing and there is now a worldwide backlash against the cruelty in the greyhound racing world. Please download the song and help BGP rescue even more dogs in 2017. Thank you.


Merry Christmas!


Fiona x