Two weeks ago our pup Jasper arrived, two wonderful, awful, exhausting weeks! It is a whole new game introducing a new pup to our adult dog Nancy and cat Boo. Far more challenges … it takes two of us to manage the morning routine mopping the floor and cleaning before the two dogs run through and spread further, harder too to manage the relationship with Nancy our older dog who is undoubtedly rather shocked at the bad manners of the new family member and his determination to share her bed as well as all her toys. Our cat Boo has also had several shocks as excited and rapidly growing pup wants to barge across and play! Can’t put a photograph of Boo and Jasper yet as we need to be carefully monitored when together both to protect Boo and Jasper from a sudden cat swipe across the eyes! Hoping the relationships will continue to improve any advice welcome!

Will continue to update over the next year wish us luck!