Thought just to share a typical morning’s email correspondence in Minders Keepers

From the client:


To let you know that it all went very smoothly indeed and that I was delighted and very relieved to have had R and S looking after the dogs and the house. No worries at all, couldn’t have been better, very happy from my end and I hope their end too.

The weather wasn’t terribly kind while I was away but I do hope that hasn’t put them off as I would very much like to book them again for some four day stints next year – I will provide dates early next week when I have my brain and everything else back in gear!

Many thanks again and kindest regards


And the reply from our new Yorkshire sitters:

Morning Jackie,
Thank you for the e-mail, we will only be too happy to sit again the dogs were a pleasure to walk and look after

best wishes

S and R

walking dog