This week I visited a client in Hertfordshire who had five rescue dogs. It was an absolute joy to spend a little time and see these dogs revelling at home. Each had a sad background and it has made a deep impact dwelling on the appalling cruelty humans can inflict on these wonderful animals but also to see how well each of them has recovered and are now repaying the love they have been shown.

Little Pablo the most recent arrival just two months on was snuggling on the sofa as we arrived, but then shooting round the garden revelling in his new found freedom.

I often take calls from people who have recently lost a pet and are hating the new silence of their home without their dog or cat, but don’t feel they can cope with going through the ‘puppy/kitten’ phase again.

It is worth considering rescue pets. These dogs came through the charity Many TearsĀ  who mostly home dogs but also some cats. The website link: