Whilst the vast majority of the sits Minders Keepers cover are for limited periods;  a weekend, a week, a fortnight a month, occasionally we are asked to cover longer term sits.

These can be for various reasons, perhaps a client has a long term contract abroad and needs their pets to be cared for, their home to be occupied , their insurance cover to be maintained. Sometimes the sits are to cover a longer term hospitalisation or sometimes we look after a home following the death of the owner and then we are asked to stay in residence through probate and until the home is sold.

We never recruit sitters who are solely interested in longer term house-sits. Whilst at any time we may have two or three of these long term sits running they are still relatively rare and not only would there be no point recruiting on that basis we are also not looking to give free accommodation to people looking for a somewhere to live and so we always will go to our regular experienced sitters.

These sits often come at short notice which can mean initially the sit may have a rota of sitters keeping things going until we are able to settle into a regular routine and ideally then we would be swapping maybe two or three regular sitters over on a three /four weekly basis.

Often the homes that are going through probate need a little bit of TLC and I never fail to be amazed at the thoughtful support I discover has just been ‘part of the job’. I have had sitters wash curtains, fix cupboard doors, help clear garages and take the rubbish to the tip. They have shown round prospective buyers, kept the garden tidy and even ensured a cake was baking or coffee brewing so that they create the delicious aroma that help sell the property.

old house with hedges