Hi Jackie

Thought you might like to read the email Hugo sent to D while we were looking after him, he is a clever dog !

Morning mummy and daddy!
I’ve just got back from my walk in the sunshine, can you see me on the photo? Sue and Liz gave me a really good brush last night but of course I’m a bit curly again now. Sue says she’s fed up with sitting at the table and working, she’s helping me write to you instead.
We met Danielle on the way out again, I think she was just on her way back from taking the children to school. It’s also noisy outside our house as there are men digging up the road, it’s at the junction of G R A N G E Road (I can’t read it) but they are the letters Sue says and I can remember that the G makes a gggg sound. Sue says I have that sound in my name too so she’s going to teach me how to write my name if I can. She wrote on the photo this time but said I can try when we do it again.
Liz says I do lots of wee wees and today she counted 15. I KNOW all doggies like to wee all over the place but she thought I’d been storing it up overnight she said (I don’t know what she means really?)
We went round and across the field again and then down the path near to the Grey Goose (where was the grey goose I wondered?), then across the little park and had a look at the houses they are building. We saw the Dalmatian but his dad waited until we’d crossed the road, I was glad because I don’t like him (I DO like Sky though ❤).When we got back to the village shop Liz went in for some milk and I was looking out for her whilst Sue and I waited outside.
By the way I was a really good boy last night as I ate all my dinner up, I was watching Sue as she prepared it. Goody, it’s ham with my chicken and raw meat tonight, can’t wait (although Sue did give me a stick treat at 7am when she got up and I went out into the garden and I’ve had a few on my walk too.)
Sue says she really must get on with her work now although she’d rather be helping me with my email. I’ll be learning my new Spanish words this afternoon so will tell you tomorrow.
Hope you’re having a super time and the rain wasn’t for long.
Love you
Hugo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx