Such a shame we have to make this anonymous, but below is a insight into the friendship that can develop:

Dear M


A very belated thank you for looking after the dogs and house so well.  It was very reassuring to know that you were in charge of our precious dogs, with so much experience, and I had every confidence that you would know what to do in an emergency – which proved to be well founded.

Kind regards


Subject: Re: The Gang


Hi A

No problem – will give them the extra long version of our walking routine at pace!  That should tire them out for you.

Tom is fine – a bit uncomfortable but hopefully all sorted out now.  Thank you for asking.

Another lovely day in prospect here and Carol on the BBC weather assures me that the good weather is set for the week here in the South East – we shall see.  Tom not so lucky – wet for Scotland.

Have a safe journey home.



On 21 August 2016 at 23:03, A wrote:

Dear M What a lovely email-sounds like you have got the dogs sussed Scrumpy loves Sylvester above all other toys. So much so I knitted him another affectionately known as Stallone. But he does like to leave them in the garden Yes they do have their own rules for ball games and Toffee thinks it is totally beneath her although she will sometimes bring the chucker back! Very hot here today and  have walked miles on a foodie tour which was great but needed the walk to shake off some of the calories. In case I forget to mention it I would be really grateful if you could give the dogs some good exercise on Wednesday morning as think we will be pretty jet lagged – the flight is not really long enough to get much sleep. I hope your husband’s procedure went well A

> On 21 Aug 2016, at 12:03, m wrote: > > Hi A > > The sun has returned – hurrah – but still windy.  Garden has enjoyed the rain and looking refreshed and green although some of the lilies have not survived so well in the wind. > > Dogs on great form today and enjoyed their walks and a good ball game in the orchard although Srumpy’s grasp on the rules is a bit vague.  Crumble plays by his own unique set of rules and Toffee – she went digging for rabbits without any success. > > Apples tumbling off the garden tree in the wind so it is a race between Toffee and I for the windfalls – I am currently winning but she is tricky opponent! > > Mgrey dog > >