Minders Keepers has just completed a three week sit for a new client. The client lives in a beautiful immaculate home and has two delightful pets.

Before coming to Minders Keepers she had used an online agency where she selected her sitters from an online list. She met them beforehand and she was confident all would be great. She liked the people very much and went away without any concerns.

She returned to mayhem. Not only had her immaculate home been trashed, (damaged whitegoods, stained furniture, carpets , broken porcelain etc) but her neighbours also reported that there had been a stream of guests and the pets had been left for hours and hours when they went out.

She felt violated and lost all confidence. She had thousands of pounds worth of damage which her insurance would not cover. She felt she would never be able to go away again.

With huge reservations and lots of nerves she approached us to discuss the possibility of booking with Minders Keepers.  We had every sympathy with her experience but proceeded as we always do to carefully match her profile with the most suitable sitter and made the introduction.  At many points she nearly cancelled simply through fear of the same experience.

She has just returned and has called with great joy that everything looked immaculate on her return, the pets were obviously well cared for and she has gone on to book the next three dates with us.

Lady with dog