Dog thefts

As avid dog lovers we have been horrified by the rise in recent dog thefts. A north east dog  owner recently took the initiative to create an innovative style of campaign aimed directly at stopping the horrendous rise in dog thefts by testing and promoting strategies to prevent thefts and tackle thieves head on.

The non-profit non-profit organisation now hosts the YELLOW  LANYARD CAMPAIGN, that focussed on using SOUND, VISIBILITY and TEAMWORK to prevent and deter thieves stealing from public places.

Since it’s inception on November 2020, the Website, Facebook Page and Group has seen an exponential rise in traffic from concerned owners.

The website hosts a store in order to fund the campaign, and the owner is having trouble keeping up with orders as the demand is so high. The main sellers are the Campaign Lanyard/Whistle and a Red Dye Attack Spray.

The simplest concept of deterrent is focussed around many people having the YELLOW LANYARD AND WHISTLE worn and visible, and be able to respond as a group to any incident with a raft of tested strategies from the Anti Attack Sprays to dedicated WhatsApp groups.

One primary strategy includes the use of a dedicated sound bite code ( similar to the sos morse code) that can easily be transmitted by whistle or carhorn over a large area, and ahead of thieves. This can allow effective intervention from other “hearers” of the code. The code has a mnemonic of PAWS for Pause -Act – Whistle -StaySafe.

Beyond this primary strategy are a host of other strategies including how to form effective groups, theft prevention methods and equipment, alarms, Government petitions, and lots more.

The campaign has rapidly spread across the UK with most members operating in the Southern counties.

The website is

The Facebook page is @doghorngroup

The Facebook group is @doghornvolunteersgroup

The Facebook Theft Alerts group is @doghornfoghorn

An article that went viral that explains the concept well is here

The campaign founder is Nigel King

Mobile 07545695980


Available day and evening until 9pm