Almost everyone who owns dogs or cares for dogs through Minders Keepers knows we are very cautious about letting dogs off lead under our stewardship.

Having just this morning come across a beautiful dog who had escaped it’s owner and was running free made me even more sure that this is the right policy. Poor thing was obviously very nervous and darted across the road and then ran a loop around the road. Fortunately the two cars that happened upon us were driving carefully and were able slow down and avoid ‘Dixie’.

It took quite some time and several treats to tempt Dixie into our secure garden. The next issue was calling the owner. Her collar tag provided her name and landline number but there was no reply. There was no mobile number dog on leadand we could only assume her owner was out looking for her.

It took several of us to find the frantic owner and reunite them. Had the tag had a mobile number too this could have been resolved far sooner and with less stress for all, including Dixie! It certainly made me double check that our dog’s tag includes our mobile number