Thanks To Tracey and Paul for the following excellent tips: 

Hi Everyone, hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather. I know everyone here are experienced animal sitters but just thought I would put a few things down regarding dogs in the heat. Dogs in the UK are not acclimatised to this sudden heat wave that we are experiencing. So just a few reminders on how cruel the sun can be. Remember not to over walk/excercise the dog especially in the hot sun. Always take them out in the cooler part of the day and for about 30 minutes at a time. Dogs do not breath through their skin only their mouth and nose so with their coat it is hard to regulate the heat. Imagine sitting in the sun yourself with a winter coat on! Heat stroke for a dog can be critical and irreversible. We all know not to leave a dog in a car, so it is the same thing whilst walking, make sure it has plenty of shade and water if you are in the garden. Pavements and roads are also scorching, so paws will get burnt and damaged, so be aware of this when taking them for a walk. Place the back of your hand on the pavement and see if you can keep it there for 5 seconds without it being to hot. Dogs love to play ball and will keep wanting to please their owners/carers. This is not a good idea in the heat and again will cause heat stroke, so wait until it has cooled down. Most dogs love the water, again be careful that they do not ingest to much whilst they are playing as this can lead to water intoxication and can be potentially lethal. Make sure that the dog is free from tics as they cause Lyme disease and again this can be serious. If the owner does not have a tic remover always twist it off the animals body so that the tic’s head does not get lodged into the skin of the animal. Enjoy the Summer and have fun looking after all of those adorable animals.
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