We really should add feedback more regularly always a delight to receive:

Hi Jackie


Firstly please pass on my apologies to Sue.  She kindly sent me an email with a picture of Jackson and I haven’t had a chance to respond.  We moved at the weekend so everything is and has been chaotic for the last month.  I will reply to her as soon as I can.


As for feedback – not sure what to say.  I was very nervous about leaving Jackson but we were desperate for a few days in the sun.  Would I want Sue back to look after Jackson – yes without hesitation.  I found her to be practical but kind, and I knew that if there were any issues she would contact me which gave me a lot of reassurance.  To be fair I suspect that Jackson was one of Sues harder assignments.  He is a true bulldog with a very stubborn streak and to my horror Sue has to deal with Jackson reverting to the incredibly frustrating puppy stage we thought we had passed – refusing to walk.  Fortunately for us he is back to  obedient (ish) self.  Our circumstance also meant that this was not an easy sitting assignment for Sue without Jackson being his awkward self  – we were at the time in a flat so Jackson had to be walked more than most dogs as he couldn’t just be let out in the garden to potter. 


Our home was immaculate which was lovely to come home to and more importantly Jackson looked happy and healthy and Sue had him waiting at the gate for us when our taxi pulled up so we got a wonderful welcome home and I’m incredibly grateful that Sue took the time out to send me a few emails letting me know how they were getting on.


Once we are settled into our new home we would defiantly consider another break and would welcome Sue back.


Kind regards