Isn’t it odd how so many people find a special affinity to one breed? Something about them just gets under your skin.

I am reminded of this particularly today because in the same week we have heard ‘Boxer’ so many times it almost seems there is no other breed! It is not a breed we have seen as particularly common amongst our clients, but maybe that is changing?

Firstly we have just recruited a lovely new couple who not only owned four Boxers in their time, but also continue to work for the Boxer Rescue society,

Secondly one of our client has called to let us know that on the next sit there will also be a new Boxer Puppy

Thirdly we haveĀ  received two photos from one of our sitters showing the gorgeous Henry a boxer that he has now sat for several times and just felt he needed to share with us (see below)

And lastly on a personal note walking our huge Rhodesian Ridgeback we have now met Benoit a beautiful boy Boxer who tolerates our excited boy and gently reprimands him!

I guess it’s not surprisingĀ . Looking up the typical traits: Boxers have wonderful personalities and natures 2. Boxers are extremely affectionate and loving 3. They are highly intelligent 4. Boxers are incredibly playful and comical by nature with their silly dances 5. They are very active and energetic which means they need loads of exercise 6. They thrive on being with people and hate being on their own 7. They are protective of their families and their belongings 8. Boxers are extremely good, natural watchdogs