Once again overwhelmed by how cruel people to be to pets and also how wonderful. We received the email below from one of our delightful clients whose beautiful rescued greyhound died two and a half months ago. We absolutely know that Bella’s life from now on will turn around and she will come to know real love

We managed two months and two whole weeks before succumbing again! We drove to Sutton Coldfield, Gloucestershire and all over the place, in search of our next poochie and there she was, at the Newbury branch of Dogs Trust. We have named her Belle because she is simply stunningly beautiful. She was used for hare coursing in Galway so I’m guessing she had a horrific life up until she was ‘retired’. She is 5 years old and is very timid and nervous but we are hopeful she will come to realise just how much we love her and that we would never hurt her, although she does appear very worried that we might be cross with her a lot of the time. Whoever had her before, I hope they rot in hell
She’s so beautiful and so frightened but we are determined to help her overcome her mistrust of humans. Watching her cower before me when I am only going to stroke her head is just horrendous. Her life starts now and we’re going to make sure it’s a lovely one!