S and K did an absolutely fantastic job for us while we were away. They were so patient and careful with our sickly dog and managed to encourage her to eat far more food than we are usually able to! They must have taken enormous trouble over it – we saw how carefully all her meals had been prepared from the small amount left over in the fridge. We can’t feel her ribs any more, which is a huge relief! They also managed to encourage her to go for plenty of little walks and some that were longer than she has done for a while – and clearly also did brilliantly with her many different medications, too, as she was in fine form on our return. The only downside is that I think she is missing them a great deal and looks thoroughly bored with our company!!

We were also so grateful that they kept in touch with us: it was enormously reassuring to have so many updates and photos, and we could see that all the animals were well and happy

Thanks so much