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Minders Keepers News

Two weeks ago our pup Jasper arrived, two wonderful, awful, exhausting weeks! It is a whole new game introducing a new pup to our adult dog Nancy and cat Boo. Far more challenges … it takes two of us to manage the morning...

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Keeping in touch

Hi Jackie Thought you might like to read the email Hugo sent to D while we were looking after him, he is a clever dog ! Morning mummy and daddy! I’ve just got back from my walk in the sunshine, can you see me on the photo?...

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Minders Keepers Feedback

Thought just to share a typical morning’s email correspondence in Minders Keepers From the client: Jackie To let you know that it all went very smoothly indeed and that I was delighted and very relieved to have had R and S...

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More sitter feedback

Thank you so much for the lovely M and D again, we are delighted with their hardwork in taming our gang! We are already planning next February! Probably going to Italy for two weeks and somewhere else for a week in October! We...

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Another thank-you letter

Hi M, I just wanted to say a slightly belated thank you very, very much for looking after our home and creatures so well over the last two weeks.   Schrodes and Isabelle were extremely relaxed – clearly not at all bothered...

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Feedback to our sitters

It has been awhile since we posted any of our lovely thank-you letters and now it is time to share again some of them: Dear N   I wanted to write to you to thank you for looking after our beloved dogs.   They obviously...

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Christmas a time of thanks?

It is so lovely to receive thank-you messages from or sitters and clients. One of the joys of this business is the ability to match delightful people and we are always grateful for kind feedback Hi Jackie,  can I take this...

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